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How do breweries utilize cooling towers?

How do breweries utilize cooling towers?

How breweries can benefit from our cooling towers?? Please see below for all the benefits our cooling towers can bring to your industry!


-Improved Beer Quality: Maintaining consistent and controlled temperatures is crucial for producing high-quality beer. Cooling towers play a vital role in ensuring that breweries can achieve the desired temperature conditions throughout the brewing process. By maintaining optimal temperatures, cooling towers contribute to the production of consistent and well-crafted beers with enhanced flavor profiles.

-Energy Efficiency: Cooling towers are designed to dissipate heat through

evaporation, which is a more energy-efficient method compared to other cooling systems. By utilizing the cooling tower's evaporation cooling effect, breweries can significantly reduce their energy consumption and lower operational costs associated with cooling beer production equipment.

-Environmental Impact: Cooling towers promote environmental sustainability in breweries by reducing the reliance on traditional refrigeration systems that use harmful synthetic refrigerants. The evaporation cooling process employed by cooling towers is more environmentally friendly as it reduces the overall energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with cooling beer production.

-Temperature Control: Brewing beer involves various temperature-sensitive

processes, such as mashing, boiling, fermentation, and conditioning. Our Cooling towers help maintain optimal temperatures during these stages by removing excess heat from the brewing equipment.

-Process Water Cooling: Breweries require large amounts of water for various purposes, such as cooling wort, cleaning equipment, and general facility operations. Cooling towers provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for cooling the process water used in brewing. The towers can efficiently cool down the water supply by transferring heat to the atmosphere, ensuring a continuous supply of cooled water.

-Water Conservation: In addition to cooling the process water, cooling towers also enable water conservation in breweries. They facilitate the re circulation

and reuse of water by cooling it and returning it to the brewing process. This helps breweries minimize water waste and optimize their water usage efficiency, leading to both cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

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T-2200 In Opelika, AL

T-2200 In Opelika, AL

They loved it so much, they got another :) See below x2 of our Model T-2200 in Opelika, AL:

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T-2125 in Century, FL

T-2125 in Century, FL

Fully assembled on site T-2125 in Century, FL
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How to get the best performance from your cooling tower

How to get the best performance from your cooling tower

How to get the best performance from your cooling tower? 

Since the cooling performance will be affected by the
volume of the circulating water, be sure to maintain the
regulation water flow at all times.
Keep the interior of the tower always clean and take
care that no scale or moss grows.
When the level of the water in the water
basin drops, air is sucked in and “cavitation” may develop;
therefore, it is necessary to keep the water at the proper level at all times.

The sprinkler pipe must be clean without blockage.
See here for more information.

No coating is needed for the tower casing as
it is made of F.R.P. If it becomes soiled, wipe it
with soap or a water-soaked piece of cloth
and then wash it thoroughly with water.

As dust and dirt are liable to get into the
water basin, open the drain at the bottom
of the drop-in tank from time to time and
wash it clean. This applies also to the water
basin in particular, as sediments are liable to
accumulate near the outlet, so keep the tank clean
so that the strainer mesh will not be clogged.

No special care is needed if the control of the quality of water is adequate
during operation.

Watch the surface of the blades carefully to see that no
damage develops and make sure that proper space is
maintained between the internal wall of tower
casing and the tip of blades.

If needed to periodically recoat the metal parts as they
are subject to rusting.

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T-2300 with Osha Ladders

T-2300 with Osha Ladders

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