T-2 Model
**Limited supplies on 3 Phase Metric Fan Motors as we upgrade to Nema Fan Motors!**
T-2 Model
Our T-2 Model line consists of counter flow induced draft FRP water cooling towers. Ranging from our Model T-23 (3 nominal ton) to our largest Model T-3500 (1,500 nominal ton). Lightweight and compact, our T-2 cooling tower provides quick and easy installation. Job site assembly is simplified by the modular design of all components.
Key Features:
    * Easy access through non corrosive F.R.P. (fiberglass reinforced polyester) casing simplifies cleaning. Individual fiberglass panels are stainless steel bolted together for periodic wash down and general cleaning. Our T-2 is designed for durability and long life even under extreme weather conditions.
      * Aerodynamically designed propeller type fan blades are used to conserve power and assure quiet operation.
    * Fan motors weatherproofed and totally enclosed allowing for less noise and more efficient long-term performance.
    * Non rusting PVC inlet louvers which provide easy access to sump while simultaneously preventing objects from entering water basin.
    * Honeycomb heat embossed PVC (fill pack) is formed to permit high heat transfer efficiency. Our fill pack is suitable for operation with inlet water temperatures of 125 degrees F. For higher temperatures, please contact our sales office for assistance

    T-2 Model

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