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T-2 Model

Cooling towers are heat-transfer units, used to remove heat from any water-cooled
system. The cooled water is then re-circulated (and thus, recycled) back into the system.

While the most common usage of cooling towers has traditionally been in the air conditioning industry, companies that can benefit from cooling tower technology are hardly limited to this area. Industries such as plastics, dry cleaning, and more all rely on cooling towers to remove heat from the environment or equipment.

In addition, CTS offers stainless steel replacement parts that can help extend the life of a new tower, or postpone the need for replacement in currently operating towers. This option is used extensively in areas where the water has corrosive tendencies, with great success.

While towers smaller than 80 tons can be shipped to the customer fully-assembled, towers 100 tons or larger are accompanied by our field assembly specialist to the site. Cooling Tower Systems is able to offer these towers, accessories and services to both large and small existing environments, and to the engineering community with specified design for either original or replacement units.

T-2 Model

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