Special Models
**Limited supplies on 3 Phase Metric Fan Motors as we upgrade to Nema Fan Motors!**
Special Models

Low Noise Cooling Towers

Like the T- Models,  the low noise cooling tower model is a circular, counter-flow, induced- draft cooling tower. The low noise towers are also available in sizes ranging from 3 tons to 1500 tons. T-2-LN (low noise) features a special fan motor, fan blade assembly, an upper fan stack and splash mat. The low noise models have a lower noise level than the standard T-2 model by 7-10 decibels. 

Hi-Temp Cooling Towers

CTS Model T-2-W  is specially  designed  and suited  for  cooling high temperatures of  135 degrees or more and  poor  water  quality.

LCC Closed Loop, Cross flow Cooling Towers

The square, closed loop cooling towers are equipped with closed coils to separate the circulating water from the air.  This ensures that the circulating water will not be polluted by the contaminants in the air. 

LRC-N Square Cross Flow Cooling Tower

The heat exchanging process of cross flow type is applied. The direct contact between horizontal air from both inlet sides and the falling water from hot water basin occurs inside the PVC fillings so that the heat can be rejected from the tower by the fan. The access door and walkway equipped inside the tower are to insure the convenience of maintenance and cleaning.

Other special order cooling tower models available:
CTI Certified Cooling Towers 
Fanless, Square, Counter Flow Cooling Towers
Plume Abatement, Cross Flow Cooling Towers
Forced Draft, Counter Flow Cooling Towers


Please note: Cooling Tower Systems offers a variety of special order cooling tower models.  These special order towers are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-cancellable. All special orders have a lead time of at least 90-120 days and require payment in full. 

If you would like a quotation or more information for any of the above towers, please contact our sales office at 1.800.752.1905.

Special Models

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