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LSP-032 1/2HP 220/440V/3/60Hz (TEFC) Water Pump

Product Description

LSP-032 1/2HP 220/440V/3/60Hz (TEFC) Water Pump

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Model Details for LSP-032:
Suction & Discharge: 1.25"
Pipe size- 1 ¼ in.
Motor Rating- ½ HP
Electrical Specs- 220/440V/3 TEFC
Propeller Material- Cast Bronze & Cast Iron
Temperature Limit- 176 degrees F (80 degrees Celsius)
Maximum Working Pressure- 14.2 psi (5kg/cm2)
Water Quality- Clean water
Atmosphere- Temperature to 130 degrees F (40 degrees Celsius)Humidity to 95%
Rotation- Clockwise when viewed from motor
Impeller Type- Volute
Motor Bearing- Ball

Features for Hi-Line In-Line Pump:
Multi-purpose Service for-
                a. General Water Supply
                b. Air Conditioning System
                c. Industrial System
                d. Re-circulation System

Most Compact Design:
light weight, low noise, a same shaft could drive two pole/ four pole motor with pump

Durability and Easy Maintenance:
stainless steel shaft with special mechanical seal are used and no lubrication needed.
Easy Installing and Piping- suction and discharge connections are in-line designed and same size to simply piping, any direction can be installed.