Part #12-01 - Sprinkler Head
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Part #12-01 - Sprinkler Head

Product Description

The sprinkler device consists of a set of sprinkler pipes and one sprinkler head that is mounted on top of the stand pipe on the cooling tower. The sprinkler is rotated by the pressure of circulating water.

There are numerous holes in the sprinkler pipe to allow the water to jet out as the pump impacts rotation. The speed can be controlled by adjusting the sprinkling angle in accordance with the water flow rate.

There are two types of sprinkler heads.

Models T-23 through T-260 use an ABS plastic sprinkler head with a stainless steel shaft. Models T-270 and above use an aluminum alloy sprinkler head. Both types of sprinkler head require little to no head pressure loss and minimum maintenance.

Maintenance and Control

The sprinkler head rotation will slow or even stop if scale is stuck to it. In this case, check it as follows:

(A) T-25 – T-260 
               a. remove set screw cap on top of sprinkler head.

              b. loosen nut and washer, then take head off.

               c. clean it with fresh water and check if any component is worn out.

(B) T-270 – T-3000

 a. remove the cap and take circlip off.
 b. pull the rotary part off the fixing part and check: replace if necessary.

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