Part #13-01-03 - Sprinkler Pipe Assembly
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Part #13-01-03 - Sprinkler Pipe Assembly

Product Description

*Sprinkler pipe assemblies are sold as a set to include the sprinkler pipes, end caps and eliminators.

The sprinkler pipes are sturdy PVC material pierced with closely placed holes allowing thorough distribution of water in a rotating spray covering the entire surface of filler. 

The sprinkler device consists of a set of sprinkler pipes and one sprinkler head that is mounted on top of the stand pipe on the cooling tower. The sprinkler is rotated by the pressure of circulating water. There are numerous holes in the sprinkler pipe to allow the water to jet out as the pump impacts rotation. The speed can be controlled by adjusting the sprinkling angle in accordance with the water flow rate.

Maintenance and Control

The sprinkler pipe must be clean without blockage. If there is some foreign material retarded in the pipe, take the following steps:

(a) Loosen the set screw or lock nut on sprinkler device, then remove sprinkler pipe and clean.

(b) Align the dot mark on sprinkler head and reinstall.

For T-25 – T-215 models, they are fitted with type A and B pipe (the hole pitch is different to assure even water distribution.