**Limited supplies on 3 Phase Metric Fan Motors as we upgrade to Nema Fan Motors!**



Water Pumps: CTS has a quality line of water pumps, specially designed for our cooling towers.  This product line allows users to maintain higher levels of efficiency over a wider range of operating conditions. Light weight and low noise. Suction and discharge connections are inline designed in the same size as towers to simplify piping in any direction for installation. All water pumps come with a TEFC motor for outdoor use. 

Heat Exchangers
: Structure a system that combines a cooling tower with a plate heat exchanger, and you'll save money from day one. You'll also get a system that maintains effective fluid isolation and cools HVAC or process liquids more efficiently. A tower system with a heat exchanger is far less expensive to buy than any evaporative cooler. Couple the tower and the heat exchanger, and you also get a more efficient system that's cheaper to run, incorporates superior stainless steel components, uses colder water (not glycol), and requires smaller components — including heat pumps — with lower horsepower.  





Immersion Heaters: CTS has developed a full line of winterization kits. We provide both screw type heaters with thermostats and bottom mount heaters with control panels. These are installed in the basin of the cooling tower to protect them from freezing during the cold weather months.   

Cooling tower operation is often required in freezing weather for either comfort air conditioning in the central core of a large building, or for industrial processes. To protect the cooling tower from freezing during shutdown periods, Cooling Tower Systems has developed a full line of winterizing heaters. Those shown in this section are used when heat distribution is required over a long length, or when a bottom mount construction is required, as in ceramic, concrete or fiberglass basin. 2" pipe thread heaters, with copper tubular elements are commonly used in the sump when full-length distribution is required.



Storage Tanks: Above ground, horizontal and vertical storage tanks are available for the purpose of storing water during the hot or cold weather months. Features tie-down slots, built-in graduation gallon-count indicators, siphon tube, offset fill-well and self-vented, slosh proof lids. Vertical storage tanks are most frequently used for nursing mobile application equipment and bulk storage.


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