**Limited supplies on 3 Phase Metric Fan Motors as we upgrade to Nema Fan Motors!**


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Assembly Instructions with Video

Assembly Instructions for Models T-23 - T-2175

Assembly Instructions for Models T-2200 - T-3500

Assembly Video Instructions

Assembly Drawings

Assembly Drawing for Models T-23 - T-230

Assembly Drawing for Models T-240 - T-260

Assembly Drawing for Models T-270 - T-2125

Assembly Drawing for Models T-2150 - T-2175

Assembly Drawing for Model T-2200

Assembly Drawing for Models T-2225 - T-2350

Assembly Drawing for Models T-2400 - T-3000

Engineering Brochure

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Fan Assembly Pitch Chart

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Fill Pack Specifications

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Motor Efficiency Chart

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Piping and Plumbing for Bypass lines
Example One
Example Two

Operating Instructions and Service Manual

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Rigging, Slinging, Lifting Instructions

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Sound Pressure Levels and Tower Capacity

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 Tower Specifications & Drawings


Wetbulb Guide
Alabama - Maryland PDF Download
Massachusetts - Oregon PDF Download
Pennsylvanian - Wyoming PDF Download

Video Instructions for assembling cooling tower
Video Instructions