LRC-N Cooling Tower
**Limited supplies on 3 Phase Metric Fan Motors as we upgrade to Nema Fan Motors!**

LRC-N Cooling Tower

CTS, Inc. also manufacturers our LRC-N Model Square Crossflow Cooling Towers.

Inlet Louver & Side Plates
PVC inlet louver and FRP sides are anti-acid, anti-alkaline, weather-proof, anti-corrosive, resistant to Ultra-violet, non-twisted and non-deformed.
Water Sump
The water sump is made of FRP material and externally supported with hot-dipped-galvanized steel. The piping of water sump includes outlet water, auto filler pipe, quick filler pipe, overflow pipe and drain pipe. The stainless steel suction strainer is installed on outlet pipe to blockage the alien objects from entering. The basin partitions can be additionally installed for multiple cells so that the tower can be cleaned or maintained for the individual cell or partially, without affecting the operation of the whole system.
The heat exchanging process of cross flow type is applied. The direct contact between horizontal air from both inlet sides and the falling water from hot water basin occurs inside the PVC fillings so that the heat can be rejected from the tower by the fan. The access door and walkway equipped inside
the tower are to insure the convenience of maintenance and cleaning.
Outdoor TEFC motors are applied.
Fan Driving Unit
The axial fan design is applied and the air volume can be adjusted based on actual operation. The speed reducer is driven with multi-belts to insure large contact area, low vibration and smooth transmission. The belts are protected       with FRP casing so that they are not wetted and not gliding.
PVC fillings are vacuum-formed and glued together on nipple ends so that there is adequate space to avoid scaling and clogging. Thus, the water can be evenly distributed to insure good heat exchanging. Each layer of filling blocks has steel supporters to prevent from deforming and falling off. The bottom are designed with suspended supporters to avoid depositing various objects and scaling so that cooling towers can be ease of maintenance and cleaning.
Distribution System
Hot water basins are installed on two sides of tower and distribution water is gravitationally falling into tower with low water pressure. This design leads the water to spread into the fillings evenly and achieve the best efficiency of heat exchanging. FRP distribution box inside can lower the inlet water pressure to prevent the water from splashing.
Float Valve Ass'y
The bronze float valve ass'y is equipped inside the water basin and adjustable for controlling normal water level during operation.
Water Eliminators
The Z type water eliminators are placed on the top of filling to insure best water elimination efficiency and help to save the makeup water by reducing drifting loss.

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