LCC Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Systems
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LCC Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Systems

When the cooling tower is in operation, the cooling water is susceptible to environment pollution. Closed circuit cooling towers are used to avoid the generating of deposits and scales because of the direct contact between the cooled fluid and air.  This will avoid clogging and corroding problems. This closed circuit cross flow tower is required in those areas with poor water quality or when the cooled fluid or equipment will tolerate no pollution at all. 

The LCC model uses a cross-flow and low noise design with light modular assembly and structure so that the installation can be easily completed on site.  

The steel parts are hot dipped galvanized and the side plates and inlet louvers are made of UPVC plastic that is UV resistant. The fan stack, water basin and access door are all made of fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP).

We have applied a new  heat exchanger and spraying method to tremendously increase the heat  transfer  efficiency. It can save 15% of  space  and  weight  compared to conventional towers. All the piping connections are on the lower part of the cold water basin. 

High-efficient and low-noise fans are applied to go with the new heat exchanger rendering low static pressure and least power consumption.

Cooling water is circulating in the coils without  any contact with the ambient air  so that  the water can be kept clean. Also, it prevents the condenser and pipes from scaling which would affect thermal performance. The condenser can perform efficiently  so that the power consumption is low. The frequent  cleaning  is  not  necessary  and  the maintenance  cost can be decreased. 
Please note: These cooling towers start at 50 nominal ton 

Please note: In addition to our closed circuit cooling tower we have an alternate system using a plate heat exchanger for the hot closed side and an open cooling tower to remove heat from the heat exchanger. This is a more cost effective, energy efficient system and will extend the life of the equipment with less maintenance problems compared to the closed loop system.  This alternate system will require two water pumps- one for the hot closed side and one for the open cold side. Please contact the sales office if you are interested in our alternate system.