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My sprinkler pipes aren't turning. Are they broken?

A: The water distribution system only has one moving part- the stainless steel bearing in our sprinkler head.  Our sprinkler pipe sets install into our sprinkler heads and are set in factory for nominal flow rate through the cooling tower.  It is very important when cooling towers are initially put into service, or when you change pumps, that the water distribution system is checked to ensure proper rotation to meet pumping flow rate through the cooling tower.  This is achieved by adjusting and rotating sprinkler pipes to meet the desired RPM suggested in our Operating Instructions and Service Manual.  The sprinkler pipes are designed to rotate clockwise, and with nominal flow rate being pumped through cooling tower the exit water jets should be discharging at approximately a 15-90 degree angle to the right of the sprinkler pipe. If the RPM needs to be increased, this would be achieved by rotating sprinkler pipes counterclockwise to increase jet discharge from 15 degree to as much as 90 degree to give you proper RPM to match flow and pressure through your cooling tower. For a better example, please see video below:

Q. How do I know if I need a metric or nema fan motor?

A. For our smaller towers, the standard metric fan motor voltage is rated at 110/220V, our larger models are rated at 220/440V. Both motors will handle + or - 10% of the specified voltage. The only time you will need a nema motor, is if you are hooking up to a 480V, because any spike will cause the motor to burn out.

Q. I am experiencing over splash from my tower. Why is it happening and how can I fix this?

A. If you are experiencing water carry over issues, it could be the angle in which your sprinkler pipes are turned, in this case just readjust until proper flow is reach. You could also have too much water going through your tower, you can use your valve to adjust the rate at which water flows. 

Q. Why is my cooling tower vibrating? How can I fix this?

A. Experiencing a vibration issue is not normal. Please be sure if you have a v-belt speed reducer, that the belts are oiled properly and that your belts are nice and tight. You may also want to check your fan blades and make sure they are sitting at the correct angle, and be sure it is not hitting your fanstack.