RLC CTI Certified Cooling Tower
**Limited supplies on 3 Phase Metric Fan Motors as we upgrade to Nema Fan Motors!**

RLC CTI Certified Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower Systems, Inc. now manufactures a low noise cross flow rectangular type of R-LC cooling towers. This tower has been designed in accordance to the international standards. The light weight structure and standardized components of RLC tower feature easy transport, lifting, and site installation. 

Series RLC uses high tension V-Belt speed reducers, which correspond to the low noise fans featuring silent operation and easy maintenance. 
Comparing with other types of cooling towers, RLC features lighter operational weight and less installation space. 
Gravitational distribution systems feature low pressure and slow water flow which can prolong cooling duration and ensure cooling efficiency.
Unique design of vacuum formed and round chorded filling with ripple surface will facilitate even spread and duration of water and keeps tower free of deposits and scale build up.
RLC tower components are made of weather proof and anti corrosive materials. Casing is in anti ultraviolet PVC which features sound proof and non decayed merits with fine streamed lined outlook. Fan stack, basin, and access door are made of FRP filling and inlet louvers are made of PVC. The supporting rack is light weight steel and all steel parts are hot dipped galvanized to ensure durability and low cost.
All piping connections are gathered on basin except for the inlet pipe which lies over the distribution basin for easy piping.

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